Unique Melody Mason V3 Review

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  It is not cheap at the top but the Mason V3 offers more value, talking points and performance than any other CIEM we tested for 2017. They also made a stunning design and prove that handmade can beat 3D printing with the right skill sets.


  Never has a CIEM maker came out with so many technology talking points as UM did with the Mason V3.  We are talking toughened Dreamweaver shell designs, a dual tone cable (both copper and silver 8-core) that you can swap around, a tuning acoustical filter and shell designs that change colors at certain temperatures. Lots of cool and very useful features.

  Even though we are not big believers of drivers counts, the Mason’s 16 driver design just oozes class when it comes to performance. A musical and resolving sound with a coherent and balanced presentation, open mids, strong vocals and a non-fatiguing top-end. What is not to like about that?

  Full review: https://headfonics.com/2017/12/unique-melody-mason-v3-review/

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