About the Warranty:

1.We provide a 2 year warranty for Mason V2, Mentor V2, Miracle V2, and Merlin V2 while the Martian warranty is covered for 1 year.

2.Every Unique Melody unit comes with a warranty card. We offer repairs free-of-charge for any issues arising that is not due to user error. Outside of the warranty period, we can still repair your units but will charge a repair fee.

3.If your Unique Melody custom in-ear monitors do not fit well, we offer a free reshell warranty of 30 days.

How to Maintain Your Earpieces:

In order to extend the life and maintain the appearance of your earpieces, please follow these steps:

1.To keep the unit clean, be sure to regularly clean the ear canal

2.After each use, wipe the earpieces down with a lightly dampened cloth and store in a dry place

3.For your personal health, please do not listen to your in-ear monitors for a prolonged period of time at high volumes.

4.For your safety, turn down the volume of your player before playing music, and then increase the volume as needed.

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